Purple Glitter Honey Pot – Shiny Sparklez

Purple Glitter Honey Pot

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Ready to make a sweet change to your organization? Our Purple Glitter Honey Pot is an eye-catching resin storage jar with chunky purple glitter that'll sparkle up your life! From the kitchen to the office, it'll provide a quirky, fun pop of pizzazz while keeping your stuff nicely tucked away. So why wait? Buzz on over to get your glittery jar today!

Size: 3in W x 3in H x 2.5in D

Uniqueness                                                                                                                        Resin items are made by hand & often made to order, due to nature of resin there may be variations (such as slight bumps/bubbles/color flow) that occur from one piece to another. These imperfections and variations are part of what makes your piece truly original and help ensure it could never be 100% recreated!

Custom Orders                                                                                                                  Other colors are also available by request. Due to resin cure time, custom orders will extend processing & shipping time by 5-7 business days.