Brown Leather Unisex Cuff Snap Bracelet – Shiny Sparklez

Brown Leather Unisex Cuff Snap Bracelet

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Brown leather band with same color leather cord woven through the center. Unisex bracelet can be worn by a man or woman. This is an adjustable bracelet but it is slightly larger sized. 9.5 in at its widest its a more comfortable fit on a wide variety of people & inclusive of a larger size wrists.

9.5 inches long & 1 inch wide. Adjustable Slide Knot

Fits 18mm-20mm Snaps,

Snap button jewelry is a fun, fast growing style of interchangeable jewelry.   Snaps are button-like charms that snap into a base piece of jewelry like a ring, necklace or bracelet. Snap buttons are a great accessory for everyone, charms can easily be changed to match any outfit & can go from day to evening. Make your jewelry look like new with different charms every day.